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the jewel-toned juxtaposition

Once fall hit I knew that I needed a fall Mabel (or five). I wanted something neutral enough to go with anything, something that I could wear twice in a week and not get weird looks. While shopping for some fabric for some children’s projects I stumbled on this Ponte de Roma at JoAnn, and […]

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Creative Domestic – vintage: the triumphal skirt

Oh, readers. I actually did a lot of sewing-related stuff this week. But all of my projects were in the beginning phases, meaning they were basically unbloggable. I’ve traced and trimmed five patterns, and cut out five more. So this week is primed for actual stitching time. However, all this prep work means that I […]

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the dressy-yet-casual, goes-with-everything skirt

I have a couple of reasons for my absence most of this week. First, remember that bug that Asher and I caught over the weekend? My husband, Josh, succumbed to its ills just as Asher and I were recovering. So. Think lots of Gatorade and supportive Netflix watching. Second, Portland has been in the middle […]

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the plan-B skirt, also known as the skirt that broke all the rules

Remember that floral cotton I bought a while ago? Remember that I wanted to use it for one pattern but couldn’t, because of the grain? When I bought the cotton, I bought it to use for this skirt. I wanted to make the gathered version with the placket down the front. I even had all […]

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