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the horsing-around shirt

Growing up I loved horses. I collected Grand Champion figurines, read the Saddle Club books, and for my birthday received books on how to draw realistic equines. Occasionally I’d have the treat of riding real horses on vacation. But in my sewing I’ve steered clear of horsey novelty prints. More often than not, horse fabric […]

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the hormonal, meltdown dress of tedium, plus an essay on motherhood

I really wanted a new dress to wear on Mother’s Day. I wanted to feel pretty, and I knew the pattern I wanted to use: the Davie dress from Sewaholic. It’s a knit dress, which means two things: 1) comfort and 2) maternity-friendly. I bought a length of medium-weight ponte in Denver, knowing that it would […]

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the I-need-a-win shirt

A couple of weeks ago was Potty Training Week. You know that. And currently my boy is back in a diaper. I’d like to think he’d have caught on to the potty skill were it not for a sudden and painful incoming molar and the surprise congestion that overtook us by Friday. I guess we’ll never […]

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