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the not-quite-a-maternity skirt

I feel like I’ve been in that awkward pregnancy phase of feeling-pregnant-but-not-quite-looking-pregnant for at least a month. My pants certainly don’t fit, and my waistline has definitely disappeared, but I can’t say that I have that defining bump that says, “Hey! I’m making a baby!” Instead the bump just stays silent and lets you assume that […]

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the leggings breakthrough, or when something seems like magic and then you realize that it’s actually the fruition of hard work

Now that I’m safely into trimester two of this pregnancy, I’m finding a good balance between lounging and doing. Sometimes I have the mojo I need for good sewing or (less enjoyable) needed cleaning. And other times I crash on the couch and watch Netflix or read a book. (Lately I’ve found a great reading groove. […]

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the running-away tote

I ran away. Not for forever. But for a little bit. Last month I booked myself a ticket to see my sister and her family (which now includes a three-month-old babe!) I told my husband about my planned trip after I purchased the ticket, and he asked, “So, is Asher coming with you?” And I […]

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magazines, leggings, and crotches

I’ve been loving the sewing magazine Seamwork. Its launch was back at the beginning of December, and the content is entirely free. For a small subscription fee, you get two new PDF patterns with each issue. These patterns are intended to be quick, 3-hours-or-less projects. January’s issue included a pattern for leggings that I love. I think they’re […]

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