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the dress I lived in all summer

You want to know the hardest thing about maintaining a sewing blog? Because it’s definitely not the sewing. The hardest thing about keeping a sewing blog for me is the gap from finishing a project to photographing it. Because most of my projects are apparel items, taking pictures means that I need to set up […]

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the scrappy pencil skirt

I’ve always had a soft spot in my heart for people who are scrappy. Do you know what I mean? Those people who have to fight for who they are, the underdogs, the fighters. Think Scarlett O’Hara, Lisbeth Salander (from The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo), or Homer Hickam Jr. from October Sky. Being scrappy is a good […]

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the horsing-around shirt

Growing up I loved horses. I collected Grand Champion figurines, read the Saddle Club books, and for my birthday received books on how to draw realistic equines. Occasionally I’d have the treat of riding real horses on vacation. But in my sewing I’ve steered clear of horsey novelty prints. More often than not, horse fabric […]

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the hormonal, meltdown dress of tedium, plus an essay on motherhood

I really wanted a new dress to wear on Mother’s Day. I wanted to feel pretty, and I knew the pattern I wanted to use: the Davie dress from Sewaholic. It’s a knit dress, which means two things: 1) comfort and 2) maternity-friendly. I bought a length of medium-weight ponte in Denver, knowing that it would […]

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the leggings breakthrough, or when something seems like magic and then you realize that it’s actually the fruition of hard work

Now that I’m safely into trimester two of this pregnancy, I’m finding a good balance between lounging and doing. Sometimes I have the mojo I need for good sewing or (less enjoyable) needed cleaning. And other times I crash on the couch and watch Netflix or read a book. (Lately I’ve found a great reading groove. […]

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