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the I-told-you-so dress

Yes, yes, muslins are good. I’ve come to terms with that now. Despite my reckless impatience, I made a muslin for the bodice of the Dahlia dress (which was definitely a good move, because I’ve seen issues with the neckline floating all over the interwebs on this one). But because of my reckless impatience, I thought that […]

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the anniversary dress

Last month Josh and I celebrated our fourth anniversary. If you asked him about it, he would crack some joke about four years feeling like forever, but really, he’s a softie and a romantic. Josh’s parents invited Asher over for a sleepover, and the two of us had grand plans for a night in downtown […]

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the rainy-October shirt

For all four Octobers that I’ve been living in Oregon, the weather has been exemplary: plenty of bright, crisp days that encourage a jacket and the park. This year–my fifth Oregon fall–October has been rainy. Really, really rainy. But here’s a not-so-secret-secret: I love it. I need to defend my rain-love often, because how often do […]

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the jewel-toned juxtaposition

Once fall hit I knew that I needed a fall Mabel (or five). I wanted something neutral enough to go with anything, something that I could wear twice in a week and not get weird looks. While shopping for some fabric for some children’s projects I stumbled on this Ponte de Roma at JoAnn, and […]

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Creative Domestic – vintage: the triumphal skirt

Oh, readers. I actually did a lot of sewing-related stuff this week. But all of my projects were in the beginning phases, meaning they were basically unbloggable. I’ve traced and trimmed five patterns, and cut out five more. So this week is primed for actual stitching time. However, all this prep work means that I […]

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