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the deceptively fancy dessert

I have a few desserts that I keep in my back pocket for unexpected gatherings: brownies, banana chip bars, and for larger groups, sugar cookie bars. Everyone needs some quick, easy, and delicious treats to turn to in a pinch. Well, today I’m sharing one of the easiest, “fanciest” desserts I keep up my sleeve: Diet […]

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the fourth annual New Year’s cake

Three years ago, I was thick in the January blues. After I took down my decorations I decided to make a cake for the new year. The next year, I bought a coral cake stand on a whim at Target at the beginning of January. Once again in the throes the holiday letdown, I saw that perfect […]

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a pie redemption

My favorite pie in all the land is chocolate. If I had to pick one dessert to have for the rest of my life, it would certainly be chocolate cream. It’s a paradox, because cake is favorite dessert category, but when it’s down to the wire my loyalties lie with chocolate cream pie every time. […]

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