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hiatus, explained

I have an explanation for my unplanned break from blogging, and in a roundabout way, it does relate to sewing: I’m having a baby! For the past six weeks or so, I’ve been pressing my way through the first trimester of pregnancy, which means that really I’ve been spending lots of time on the couch […]

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I’m here, I’m here!

Lest you think I’ve resigned this blog to the dregs of cyberspace, I’m still here! My hiatus was unplanned, though really did work best for my family and me. I have some exciting things to share with you, including a new dress and a Me Made May pledge. (Can you believe next month is May? Seriously.) […]

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an unplanned deviation

I have a loose editorial calendar that helps me keep this space organized. Actually scheduling posts to write helps me know when I need to take pictures and reminds me of collecting links and other blogging minutiae. I’d planned this week to post about my whitewashed fireplace and the coat I made for my mother-in-law for Christmas. […]

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the running-away tote

I ran away. Not for forever. But for a little bit. Last month I booked myself a ticket to see my sister and her family (which now includes a three-month-old babe!) I told my husband about my planned trip after I purchased the ticket, and he asked, “So, is Asher coming with you?” And I […]

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what I’m into {January}

Happy Friday, lovelies! Today I’m linking up with Leigh Kramer and talking about the things this month that I’m loving. (And after my 2-year-old was diagnosed with pinkeye yesterday, I’m needing to focus on the lovely things!) :: MAC highlighter and blush. I’m in love with these products. I bought them with some gift card […]

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