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the hormonal, meltdown dress of tedium, plus an essay on motherhood

I really wanted a new dress to wear on Mother’s Day. I wanted to feel pretty, and I knew the pattern I wanted to use: the Davie dress from Sewaholic. It’s a knit dress, which means two things: 1) comfort and 2) maternity-friendly. I bought a length of medium-weight ponte in Denver, knowing that it would […]

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the leggings breakthrough, or when something seems like magic and then you realize that it’s actually the fruition of hard work

Now that I’m safely into trimester two of this pregnancy, I’m finding a good balance between lounging and doing. Sometimes I have the mojo I need for good sewing or (less enjoyable) needed cleaning. And other times I crash on the couch and watch Netflix or read a book. (Lately I’ve found a great reading groove. […]

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warm weather maternity inspiration

  Since learning about Babe #2, my sewing mentality has undergone a shift. I’ve started thinking even more in terms of what will be comfortable, cool, and stylish. My last pregnancy was also during the summer, and in many ways that makes dressing (and sewing) much easier. I need clothes that breathe, stretch, and–just as importantly–make […]

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hiatus, explained

I have an explanation for my unplanned break from blogging, and in a roundabout way, it does relate to sewing: I’m having a baby! For the past six weeks or so, I’ve been pressing my way through the first trimester of pregnancy, which means that really I’ve been spending lots of time on the couch […]

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