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the hormonal, meltdown dress of tedium, plus an essay on motherhood

I really wanted a new dress to wear on Mother’s Day. I wanted to feel pretty, and I knew the pattern I wanted to use: the Davie dress from Sewaholic. It’s a knit dress, which means two things: 1) comfort and 2) maternity-friendly. I bought a length of medium-weight ponte in Denver, knowing that it would […]

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the fourth annual New Year’s cake

Three years ago, I was thick in the January blues. After I took down my decorations I decided to make a cake for the new year. The next year, I bought a coral cake stand on a whim at Target at the beginning of January. Once again in the throes the holiday letdown, I saw that perfect […]

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the quilted Christmas skirt (and a bonus sweater)

I’ve been meaning to get this skirt photographed and posted for a couple of weeks now. Currently my browser is acting bizarre, but I’m throwing all caution to the winds and writing this anyway (at the risk of losing it all to the cyber void). Every year my siblings and I had Christmas outfits to wear […]

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Christmas around the house

Merry Christmas, everyone! I’ve been in the depths of Christmas sewing, and when I do surface to breathe, I usually end up watching Doctor Who with Josh instead of blogging. Or cleaning. I’ve also been loving on my Christmas decorations and listening to my favorite holiday tunes and eating all the peppermint-chocolate treats I can.   {Yellow […]

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decking the halls with tartan

Many moons ago my uncle spent two years in Ireland and Scotland as a missionary, and when he came back he brought with him a cut of real Scottish tartan for my mother. She eventually made that into skirt and blazer (yes, a tartan blazer!), and many moons after that she asked me if I […]

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