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the best way to shop for fabric

When I first started sewing, the fabric store was this intimidating place full of aisles rife with a million possibilities, and I had no clue what I was doing. The first big fabric trip I took on my own was to Fabric Depot, and goodness was that overwhelming. The only fabric I was at all […]

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the fizzled firework dress

So I found red-striped knit and made my Fourth-of-July dress. (Though I didn’t end up wearing it on the Fourth, because the forecast for the Oregon coast was just a little too cool for justifying a breezy dress on a breezy, 60-degree beach.) I featured it in my Knitcation entry and wore it on the […]

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the thing about fabric

The thing about fabric is that it’s wonderful. Any time I come back from a fabric shopping trip or open up a box of yardage ordered online, I feel excited. I love shopping for fabric with something specific in mind, and I love buying cuts of gray plaid that I don’t yet have a purpose for. […]

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when I didn’t buy fabric

I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect red cotton knit for a 4th-of-July dress. I’m thinking something red/white with a solid white tie collar. For this particular project, I have a vision. I found some good red knit options on, but couldn’t help wondering if something perfect perfect wasn’t still out there. I really wanted […]

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