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Creative Domestic – vintage: the birthday bag

Josh loves bags. You know, manly messenger bags, not froofy purse bags. Josh is also hard to buy for; he usually asks for gift cards because what he really wants is expensive technology stuff. Gift cards make it so he can save up for big things (like the next Microsoft tablet releasing this fall). But […]

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the contest entry jacket

The past couple of weeks here in the PNW have been almost continuously rainy and stormy. Personally, I┬álove this weather, though many of my friends hate it the same way I loathe summer heat. While I do have current projects to post about, the weather has made the photo end of this blog difficult. (But […]

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Creative Domestic – vintage: the triumphal skirt

Oh, readers. I actually did a lot of sewing-related stuff this week. But all of my projects were in the beginning phases, meaning they were basically unbloggable. I’ve traced and trimmed five patterns, and cut out five more. So this week is primed for actual stitching time. However, all this prep work means that I […]

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