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exciting blog news!

Happy Halloween, everyone! This next admission may get me kicked out of the sewing blogger club forever, but here it goes: I didn’t sew my kid’s costume this year. In fact, I bought this FBI costume that’s made out of the worst polyester on the planet. And it turns out my boy won’t wear it. […]

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my first creative love (aka, a blog hop)

The other day I opened my email to see a message from Andrea who blogs at Evolution of a Sewing Goddess. She nominated me to answer some blog hop questions, and I must say that I am flattered. I first stumbled on her blog back in the spring during the Colette Patterns Albion jacket contest/sewalong. […]

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the revised fall sewing docket with plenty of italics

You know when your brain practically explodes from holding in so many creative ideas at once? That’s been me this week. My original fall sewing plan included some transitional pieces, some t-shirts, and some more knit skirts and dresses. Though, since Gretchen Hirsch’s new book, Gertie Sews Vintage Casual, came out, my docket has doubled in volume. I […]

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a sewing manifesto

Did you know that September is National Sewing Month? I think that’s awesome. To commemorate the month, I present you today with my sewing manifesto, or Why I Sew. Sometimes when people find out that I sew clothes, they ask (with a fair amount of incredulity), “Does sewing really save money?” And no, it doesn’t. […]

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a fountain-drink week

I’ve had a fountain drink every day this week–it’s been that kind of week. I don’t want to dump all of my complaints on you, but here’s a taste of my week: Labor Day we went shopping for a car, which is about as hellish as waiting in the checkout line at WalMart. And we went car shopping […]

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