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giving money :: the holiday gift guide

So, gift cards. What is it with giving money, anyway? Gift cards can have a bad impression of being lazy and thoughtless, right? But here’s the thing: everyone loves spending money. And here’s the other thing: sewists love having money dedicated to their craft. I don’t have an unlimited amount of spending cash, and I’m probably not alone […]

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project in a box! :: the holiday gift guide

    One year for Christmas, my sister gave me a box full of fabric, embroidery hoops, and embroidery floss. She was in the trenches of college at the time and hadn’t been able to finish the projects she’d wanted to make, so she gave me all the supplies. Project in a Box! she called […]

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for the sewing library :: the holiday gift guide

Every seamstress needs a sewing library. With sewing in the middle of a cultural renaissance, books on the craft abound. My sewing library is full and ever-growing. So when your seamstress isn’t sewing, maybe she can cozy up with cocoa and a book–this spells out all sorts of delightful. 1. The Colette Guide to Sewing Knits, […]

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sewing-themed threads :: a holiday gift guide

Want something thoughtful and different to give to your seamstress this year? Sewing-themed clothes is hands-down a win. Sure, the seamstress loves to sew her own clothes, but I’m sure she’ll be thrilled with some clever, sewing-related screen printing! 1. Sewing machine sweatshirt. I’m dying over this screen printed sweatshirt. The vintage machine makes this find […]

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for the sewing room :: a holiday gift guide

You can never go wrong with helping to supply the sewing space. Notions like needles, pins, and thread are pesky necessities that can take up a surprising amount of the sewing budget. For my birthday this year, my mom gave me a whole box of sewing notions, which included two sets of serger thread and […]

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