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a birthday for my Berninas, plus how I found both of my machines for under $1000

A little over a year ago I faced a pricey reality with my sewing: If I wanted to sew the things I wanted to sew, I’d need a new machine. For a little over three years I’d been sewing on a little Singer Brilliance that Josh bought me for Christmas the first year we were […]

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winterized inspiration

This is the week when I hook back up with my sewing machine. I finished my Christmas sewing about a week before Christmas and proceeded to take a break from all normal-life projects. And that included sewing. Do you ever need a sewing break? It’s not that I was burned out exactly, but I needed […]

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giving money :: the holiday gift guide

So, gift cards. What is it with giving money, anyway? Gift cards can have a bad impression of being lazy and thoughtless, right? But here’s the thing: everyone loves spending money. And here’s the other thing: sewists love having money dedicated to their craft. I don’t have an unlimited amount of spending cash, and I’m probably not alone […]

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project in a box! :: the holiday gift guide

    One year for Christmas, my sister gave me a box full of fabric, embroidery hoops, and embroidery floss. She was in the trenches of college at the time and hadn’t been able to finish the projects she’d wanted to make, so she gave me all the supplies. Project in a Box! she called […]

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for the sewing library :: the holiday gift guide

Every seamstress needs a sewing library. With sewing in the middle of a cultural renaissance, books on the craft abound. My sewing library is full and ever-growing. So when your seamstress isn’t sewing, maybe she can cozy up with cocoa and a book–this spells out all sorts of delightful. 1. The Colette Guide to Sewing Knits, […]

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