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the love-letter quilt

Last summer during a week-long heat wave, I relocated my sewing setup downstairs by the air conditioner. I studied a YouTube tutorial for paper piecing, and practiced on scraps. Then I picked up my cut out triangles and started a quilt for my son. I made this quilt for my boy, because our world would soon be […]

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what’s saving my life right now

These past three and a half months have been kicking my butt. And winter sometimes kicks my butt too. It’s always so easy to think about what makes life hard, but what about those small mercies that save our lives in periods of darkness or adversity or sleep deprivation? Monster hot chocolate. It’s no secret […]

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resolutions: completed, abandoned, and renewed

I fell short on many resolutions from 2015. My pregnancy rendered a few of my resolutions null and void (because of either physical or energy limitations): no pants, no embroidery module, no painted bathroom, no Jane Austen. I have a few projects that are partially finished: a quilt for Asher, my master bedroom, the kids’ […]

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the bag of my dreams

Dear, dear readers. I’ve had this post written up for at least a week, but have held off on pressing the publish button until I got some photos of me actually wearing this bag. Those photos have yet to exist.  And I really want to share this bag with you, so I’m afraid you’ll just have […]

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the baby lady

First things first: the Baby Lady. Evelyn Jane was born early in the morning on October 25. We’ve spent the past two weeks snuggling and kissing and caring for this sweet babe of ours and adjusting to being a family of four. I actually completed a fair amount of sewing in the few weeks leading […]

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