longest days of the year

Summers and I have a tenuous relationship at best. Especially the past few years, summer has been too long, too hot, and overhyped. Summer 2016, though? Summer 2016 has been lovely, a loveliness best captured in navy gingham.


I’d bought this cotton gingham last year sometime intending to use it for a Sewaholic Granville shirt, but then I got pregnant and fitted button-down patterns made me depressed. When I revisited the pattern this spring, I face-palmed when I realized that I bought the 60-inch yardage for fabric that’s 44 inches. So, I improvised.


This summer’s improvement over years’ past is certainly a combination equal parts air conditioning, non-scorching temperatures, not gestating a human, and an attitude adjustment (because who wants to be miserable a quarter of the year, right?). We’ve been going with the flow and making an effort to make summer feel like summer. That effort involves forgoing clean bathrooms in favor of splash pads and park dates, swimming instead of making dinner, and sometimes even sneaking ice cream for dinner.


This skirt came to be when I had the grand delusion that I could make a skirt–from cutting out to hemming–the afternoon before a family photo shoot. Alas, my haste was my downfall (because otherwise I know I could have done it).


I might have finished the skirt had I not completely twisted the zipper installation around in my hurry to be a sewing superpower. The silver lining to that hurried project is that in an afternoon I had this dreamy summer skirt a mere zipper and hem away from being wearable. And a second perk to this project is that I discovered that, yes, Seamwork patterns can be sewn up in a jiffy.


This skirt is the Brooklyn skirt from Seamwork. The construction really was simple, straightforward, and satisfying, and required only a waist measurement. That front-and-center box pleat makes my heart flutter, and the a-line design is just so summery. (Though made up in a wool, this skirt could also be so fallish or wintery. I think that’s a sign I need to make more.)


I wore this skirt twice over the holiday weekend, fishing it out of the hamper Fourth of July morning because there was nothing more American to me in that moment than navy gingham–nothing.


I’m exceptionally glad that summer and I are reconciling, because I’m rediscovering that it can be quite a gem. And for the first time in several years, I’m glad that it’s early July and that we still have lots of summer left.

If you want to try out the Seamwork pattern subscription, head here to sign up and get half off your first month. (That’s only $3, which is barely more than a non – happy hour Sonic Route 44. And really, $6 for two pattern credits a month is really good. Much of my me-made makes are Seamwork patterns. Try it, just for the summer. You can thank me later.)

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  1. Andrea
    Posted July 8, 2016 at 7:19 pm | Permalink

    My house is so unkept in the summer but I don’t care because I love summertime so much. I’ve never met a person who can be happy in the summer without AC. Great skirt!

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