coasting through the summer

I’m a homebody–a die-hard homebody. Cabin fever is not something I’m too familiar with, and I don’t naturally come by the initiative, patience, and follow-through requisite for adventure. I’m a low-level recreator, a trait I’m happy to claim.

And yet. Something inside me was hounding me this summer to go to the coast. I’ll talk about how much I love it, but I don’t make the effort to get there nearly as much as I could. I love the briny air; the relentless, mesmerizing surf; the wild, forest-covered bluffs. I love standing in the waves, letting the water wash up and back, up and back. The coast is so grounding for me, lovingly reminding me that I am a small person in a big world, and yet I am still someone. The Oregon coast is one of my favorite places to be–so why don’t I go more?


Making day trips to the coast was one of my high summer priorities, and dear readers–they have been wonderful.


A couple of weeks ago, I drove my kids and me to a friend’s, where we loaded up all of our beach things and all of our kids into her van and set off for Lincoln City. Getting to my friend’s front door was a monumental feat on its own, and a part of me worried that I’d taken on too much venturing out on a beach trip like this on my own. Part of me said, Should you have stayed home? But then as we walked onto the sand, the clouds parted and the sun welcomed us to our day of beachy play, and I let out a grateful sigh.


These photos were taken that day. I wore my Seamwork Seneca skirt, a skirt that has been on heavy rotation this summer. It’s perfect–perfect for running errands, meeting up with friends, binge-watching Netflix, and yes, it’s even perfect for the beach. (I’m even wearing it on our car ride to California this week!)


I made mine out of a cut of interlock found at Colorado Fabrics last year. It was so fast to stitch up, and even the elastic waistband with grommets was easy to assemble. I’m on the hunt for another medium-weight knit so I can make another one. I could have a whole wardrobe of Seneca skirts and be happy.


Since this first beachy day trip, I’ve made the effort for another beach day and have another planned for next week. Yes, we come back sandy and tired and sometimes sunburned, but to spend our day playing in the surf and making sand castles with a good book on standby? Even this homebody can’t say no to that.


And yes, even as we’re unloading our supplies at the beginning of the day, part of me looks forward to that feeling of coming home, taking a shower, and plopping down on the couch. As glad as I am for this modest, newfound sense of adventure, I also know that I’m a homebody at heart and that that’s a good thing too. (And you know what happens at home? Sewing happens at home. You can’t argue with that.)

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