resolutions: completed, abandoned, and renewed

I fell short on many resolutions from 2015. My pregnancy rendered a few of my resolutions null and void (because of either physical or energy limitations): no pants, no embroidery module, no painted bathroom, no Jane Austen. I have a few projects that are partially finished: a quilt for Asher, my master bedroom, the kids’ room.

In rereading last year’s resolutions, however, I surprised myself with how much I actually did complete: participation in Me-Made-May, making a giant chalkboard, and whitewashing the fireplace. I even accomplished something that wasn’t on the list that I’m really proud of: I joined a sewing club through my favorite local sewing shop, Modern Domestic. 2015 was difficult in many ways, and taking such a defined step toward my own self-care has done so much for my well-being.


I spent January mulling over what I want this next year to be. The word in the forefront of my mind is pace. My life is undergoing a thorough recalibration, and my energies need to be reallocated appropriately. So this list of “resolutions” is more a list of things that I’d like to do if I can.

:: Paint the bathroom. I do still really want to do this. That upstairs bathroom is so bad.

:: Buy a new light fixture for the dining area. Our light fixture is a dumb builder-grade one that I’ve developed less-than-lovely feelings toward. I’ve been doing soft research into the purchase and know that once I pull the trigger, I’ll be so glad.

:: Organize the garage. Our garage is a disaster. A disaster. We took advantage of the January Costco deals and bought a set of heavy-duty shelves, and the next warmish weekend we have, we are tackling that garage and making it functional. Our place is small, and we need to take advantage of all the space we have.

:: Sew pants. I don’t know what this would look like. I’m not ready to sew anything that close fitting yet for my postpartum body, but maybe toward the end of the year? Modern Domestic does offer an annual jeans class, and maybe I could take advantage of that opportunity.

:: Finish the quilt. I sewed this fabulous quilt top for Asher, but haven’t yet quilted it. I think I’m actually going to outsource this job. My machine isn’t equipped to handle a quilt as big as this one.


:: Modern Mrs. Darcy’s reading challenge. Anne’s blog is one of my top favorites, and her second annual reading challenge is really calling to me this year. I already have books picked out for several of the categories.


:: 45 books. I’m reupping last year’s quantity goal. I barely missed meeting 45 books in 2015, and that’s easily attributable to having a baby. I think I can forgive myself that goal.

:: More greenery and fresh flowers. I’ve always loved keeping fresh flowers around as often as possible, and I’d like to try to find resilient houseplants to keep around.

This list does seem long, but here’s the thing: I refuse to let it be a stress. Whether I stick to it or forget it or give up on it completely is my business. What’s most important this year is that I find and maintain a peaceful balance between caring for my family and caring for myself. Almost all of these resolutions fall under the self-care category, but they will need to be in balance with my responsibilities to my husband and children.

How was your January? What resolutions do you have, if any?

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