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what I’m into {September}

Hello, and happy fall! I’m heading into the final weeks of this pregnancy, and I’m ever-grateful for the cooler temperatures. This month has seen energy highs and lows for me, in all areas: housekeeping, sewing, cooking. Despite my energy spikes and dips, this changing of seasons does mark the last leg of pregnancy for me, and […]

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morning sewing

Ninety-nine percent of the time I sew during my son’s afternoon nap. If I put down my phone and resist that obsessive urge to check Instagram one more time, then I can usually bank at least two hours of sewing time. Sometimes, though, by 1:30 in the afternoon, I’m physically and mentally spent. Even when I have […]

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an indictment against RTW maternity sections

While I have tried to make as much of my own maternity wardrobe as I can this pregnancy, I have had still had to shop in the maternity sections. And I have been greatly disappointed. Every place I’ve been this pregnancy, the maternity section is a gross afterthought. Clothes are crammed together as tightly as possible, […]

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the dress I lived in all summer

You want to know the hardest thing about maintaining a sewing blog? Because it’s definitely not the sewing. The hardest thing about keeping a sewing blog for me is the gap from finishing a project to photographing it. Because most of my projects are apparel items, taking pictures means that I need to set up […]

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