what I’m into {June + July}

What I’ve been sewing


:: Paper piecing! We’re still in the beginning stages of revamping our toddler’s room into a shared coed room. In a few weeks we hope to transition our boy from a crib to a bed, and instead of buying a whole bedding set, I’m making a quilt. This is my first serious quilting project, and it’s a paper piecing pattern. I didn’t really know what paper piecing was until I looked up YouTube videos to help me figure out the written instructions on the pattern. Once the technique clicks, paper piecing is super simple. It’s essentially painting-by-number but with fabric. Once I finish the quilt, I’ll write up a post and try to show/explain it!

What I’ve been watching


:: Old Project Runway seasons. Every summer I start feeling a Tim Gunn void in my life. So I hop over to the Lifetime TV app and stream old seasons. Season 14 premiered yesterday. I really love my Project Runway, people.

:: Cracked After Hours. Cracked is a YouTube channel, and you could probably call Cracked After Hours a series of sorts. It’s witty and entertaining commentary on various pop culture phenomenon or scenarios, like 5 Reasons James Bond Might Be the Worst Spy Ever, 4 Weirdly Specific Things Famous People Do in Every Movie, and The Horrifying Truth about Life Inside of Music Musicals. Josh and I love these sketches. (Content advisory: Some sketches contain some swearing and lewd humor. Judge as you will.)

What I’ve been reading


:: Yes, I read Go Set a Watchman. I’m glad I read it and would like to own a paperback copy when it’s available. I blogged a much more thorough review over on my personal blog. Basically, know what you’re reading and read it critically.

:: I reread The Nesting Place by Myquillyn Smith back in June to gear myself up for transforming Asher’s room into a shared coed room. I actually blogged about this book last year, and loved it just as much on the reread as I did the first time. If you need some inspiration or direction for decorating your home, look no further!


:: Emergency preparedness. Like a great portion of the American millennial public, I read the New Yorker article detailing the imminent devastation of the Pacific Northwest. And then I spent the next week living in absolute terror. While unbridled fear isn’t productive, it did spur Josh and I to take our emergency preparedness much more seriously. We’re now in the process of assembling substantial 72-hour kits and building long-term food storage. Be prepared, people!

:: Homemade ice cream sandwiches. This item is on my summer bucket list (which you’ll know about if you subscribe to the newsletter–sign up in the sidebar!), and it’s been a roaring success. I’ll write up a post before the end of the month detailing these beauties. But for now: yum.

What have you been into this summer? Any good books? Recipes? Sewing projects? As always, I’m linking up this post with Leigh Kramer.

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    I tried paper piecing last year and could NOT figure it out. I’ll look forward to see what you do. Have you read Someone Knows My Name? So, so good.

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