the easing-in dress

After two weeks of being in vacation mode, I am ready for a good dose of normal life. I like routine, predictability, and my own space (I am an ISFJ after all). So this week I’ve been grocery shopping, cleaning, and generally recouping after a very fun–and draining–couple of weeks.


This Christine Haynes Marianne dress, which I made at the beginning of the summer, is the perfect dress for a week like this. I’m comfortable, put-together, and again, comfortable. This dress looks casual chic and feels basically like wearing pajamas or an oversized t-shirt. Summer perfection.

In addition to needing to find a normal-life groove again, I’ve also been battling a monster virus since the beginning of my Denver trip. My sinuses have been clogged, my nose stuffed and runny, my throat sore and coughing. It’s been awful and unending. And did I mention that the Marianne dress embodies comfort? Because it does. And comfort is what you need when a bug threatens to overtake the rest of your summer.


I found this Art Gallery knit at Modern Domestic (in Portland) as a remnant. I actually saw it when I was there back in April and decided against buying it, regretting the decision as soon as I got home. But when I went back to the store for their birthday celebration a few weeks later, the remnant was still unclaimed, and I knew that fate was telling me the coral graphic knit was destined to be mine. And I knew that it had to be a Marianne dress.

This dress is a perfect maternity dress. It’s loose and stretchy, but isn’t oversized or baggy. And because I didn’t have to make any adjustments for the bump, I’ll be able to wear this dress when I’m not pregnant. I’m loving finding patterns that can cross over from my regular body to my baby body. I’ve been wearing it all summer and expect it will see me through the end of the season.


{25 weeks pregnant}

As much as I love my routine and real life, transitioning out of fun vacation mode always has its bumps. So in addition to wearing comfy t-shirt dresses, I’ve been eating Tillamook ice cream, reading library books, and watching old seasons of Project Runway. What do you do to ease back into real life after vacation? You know, besides eating all the ice cream.

***Specs: The Christine Haynes Marianne dress sewn in this Art Gallery knit. I graded out from the bust to the waist, but after I sewed the dress, I wish I’d made the gradation a little smoother. This pattern also has a long-sleeved option that I’ll make eventually, and I’ll fix the seamline then. I also lengthened the dress by two inches. This was a simple dress to sew and was highly gratifying. I love it every time I wear it.

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