Monday observations

:: Firstly, we had our big ultrasound last week, and babe is a girl! While there are certainly things to sew for boys, I can’t deny that I’m especially excited to have a baby girl to sew for. I’m thinking ruffles and dresses and lots of polka dots. Asher is thrilled to have a baby sister. (And if you want to read about how Asher already knew that the baby is a girl, read this post from my personal blog.)


:: Asher came down with a bug over the weekend, and for one day had a fever. The fever subsided, but that just left my boy super grumpy and kind of mean. Is it bad I secretly wish that he’d have a manageable fever again so he’d be too wiped out to be mean to me? I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to tell him that no matter how sick he is he can’t be mean and rude. Goodness.

:: I caught some form of Asher’s sickness. Summer colds aren’t great, but ever since this cold settled in, my bad allergy symptoms have retreated. Coincidence? Providence? I’m crossing my fingers that after this bug clears out I’ll be free from the itchy grip of this year’s pollen.

:: Our town’s water fountains are finally open for playing, and I’m looking forward to hitting them up this week. (That is, assuming that Asher’s bug works its way out and his behavior doesn’t disqualify him from fun things. Obviously.) Our neighborhood pool should also be opening up this week, but I might wait until my maternity swimsuit arrives to dive in.

What does your week look like? Any summer colds? Grumpy toddlers? Water fountains? Obviously, sewing will be playing a major role in my week, especially when you consider my unrealistic pre-trip expectations. What are you sewing this week?

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