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Yes, it’s true. The other night I bought summer pajamas from Costco. Call it loungewear checkmate if you will. You may remember that I was intent on making myself some summer pajamas. I was so excited, people. I’d found some cute quilting cotton at Joann and promptly went to work measuring, cutting, and sewing.

As the pajama shorts neared completion, I was dubious; they looked like they’d be a little wide-legged for shorts, but I pressed on, optimistic that I’d like them. Alas. I took a picture of the endgame and sent it to my mom, who showed it to a mutual friend who gave the following verdict: You can lounge in them, but you can’t wear them to Walmart. Well. If my lounge shorts fail to meet the Walmart standard, then I should never ever them anywhere. Ever.



{My vanity/self-respect prohibits me from posting the picture that I sent my mother of me wearing these krafty track pants. They really don’t look much different on my person. Goodness.}

That sewing failure initiated a brief sewing break for me. This pajama project came straight on a the heels of a disappointing muslin, and I think I need a breather. So I accepted the Walmart pants for what they were and found some okay loungewear at Costco. I can’t say that I love my ready-to-wear pajamas, but they’re better than the krafty track pant shorts I came up with. And for now, that will be good enough.

Yesterday I dropped off both of my machines at my favorite local Bernina dealer for some TLC. In a couple of weeks I’ll pick them up, and we’ll all be good as new, ready to tackle baby quilts, paper piecing, and maybe even another go at pajama shorts. Sometimes you just need to know when to call it. And right now I’m calling it quits in my sewing room and declaring it time for summer reading, ice cream sandwiches, pre-trip cleaning, and adequate Costco pants.

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  1. Michelle
    Posted June 27, 2015 at 10:02 am | Permalink

    Well the photo isn’t showing up, sadly. But I laughed out loud at you making an article of clothing that you can’t wear to Walmart! I’m dubious :).

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