final thoughts on Me-Made-May

It’s June, and Me-Made-May 2015 is over. I learned some things during this project.

mmmay15 week 1

{week 1}

1) Wearing handmade garments close-to-daily was not difficult. Yes, I had some repeats, but fewer than I expected. My me-made wardrobe is more far-reaching than I realized, and that realization is empowering!

mmmay15 week 2

{week 2}

2) I do not like taking (and posting) so many pictures of myself. My brother-in-law (who does follow me on IG and is not much aware of the online community) commented to my sister on my sudden selfie increase. I’m glad the selfie posting overload is finished. I actually wore more me-made outfits than I ended up posting because some days I was loathe to take a picture.

mmmay15 week 3

{week 3}

3) The sewing community is nothing but supportive and encouraging. I always knew this, but participating in Me-Made-May reaffirmed that of all the online groups to be a part of, the sewing community has to be the best. I don’t have many in-person sewing friends, and I’m so grateful that we have each other to learn from and cheer on. (It’s also nice knowing that people out there can empathize with fabric and pattern hoarding!)

mmmay15 week 4

{week 4}

I’m not sure if I’ll do Me-Made-May next year, but I am certain that handmade garments will grow to comprise most of my wardrobe. And I love how freeing and lovely that is.

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