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loungewear from Costco

Psst! I’m sending out my next Notions newsletter this weekend, so if you haven’t signed up yet, enter your email in the sidebar to make sure you get a look at my summer bucket list! Yes, it’s true. The other night I bought summer pajamas from Costco. Call it loungewear checkmate if you will. You may remember […]

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the horsing-around shirt

Growing up I loved horses. I collected Grand Champion figurines, read the Saddle Club books, and for my birthday received books on how to draw realistic equines. Occasionally I’d have the treat of riding real horses on vacation. But in my sewing I’ve steered clear of horsey novelty prints. More often than not, horse fabric […]

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Monday observations

:: Firstly, we had our big ultrasound last week, and babe is a girl! While there are certainly things to sew for boys, I can’t deny that I’m especially excited to have a baby girl to sew for. I’m thinking ruffles and dresses and lots of polka dots. Asher is thrilled to have a baby […]

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sewing priorities

This summer we’re jetting to Denver for a week to see my family. (This trip is an especially big deal because it will be the first time we’ll have seen my brother in two years. He’s been serving as a missionary for our church since 2013.) As our departure draws nearer and nearer I’ve had to […]

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final thoughts on Me-Made-May

It’s June, and Me-Made-May 2015 is over. I learned some things during this project. {week 1} 1) Wearing handmade garments close-to-daily was not difficult. Yes, I had some repeats, but fewer than I expected. My me-made wardrobe is more far-reaching than I realized, and that realization is empowering! {week 2} 2) I do not like […]

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