the not-quite-a-maternity skirt

I feel like I’ve been in that awkward pregnancy phase of feeling-pregnant-but-not-quite-looking-pregnant for at least a month. My pants certainly don’t fit, and my waistline has definitely disappeared, but I can’t say that I have that defining bump that says, “Hey! I’m making a baby!” Instead the bump just stays silent and lets you assume that I’ve been eating too much cake. I love clothes that accentuate the bump as a bump, and I thought that this pattern might be one of them. Alas.


This skirt pattern is Bristol, from the monthly Seamwork subscription. (You can subscribe for $6/month and receive the two new monthly releases, or you can buy them individually without subscribing for $7 each. If you subscribe, you can purchase back-issue patterns for $5 each.) I love the full silhouette, and I especially love that it took me an afternoon to put together. I thought that the elastic-casing waistband would be it maternity-friendly, but it’s not quite as maternity-esque as I had hoped.


It’s meant to hit at your natural waistline, but since mine is currently inhabited by a sweet-potato-sized babe, I’m in an awkward situation. I tried pulling it up above the bump, and it looked awful. And I tried pulling it lower, and it looked awful. I’m settling for somewhere in the middle and hope that my t-shirt kind of covers up the bumps made from the gathered elastic waistband. I’m hoping this will make a better postpartum skirt that will flatter as I slowly retrieve my real waistline. I think I can make this particular skirt work for a little bit, but unlike many patterns that are maternity-adaptable, the Bristol skirt is not really one of them. (Do you think that replacing the gathered waistband with a 2-inch bare elastic waistband might have a fit different/better? I got that idea from this post.)


Apart from the skirt’s lack of bump cooperation, I like the pattern. I think it would make a great everyday skirt, and you could really personalize it using different fabrics and patterns. I love the centered pocket and think that elevates the skirt design from your typical gathered a-line number. So, yes I love the idea of the Bristol, but will have to wait until my post-baby sewing to really make use of this pattern. Until then I think I might go make a quick batch of baked donuts. Yes, those sound lovely. You know, I have to think about the baby and all.

***Specs: The Bristol skirt from the Seamwork magazine pattern subscription. I sewed it up in a size 8 and used some apparel dotted flocked cotton I found at Joann’s last summer. I made no alterations. Though before you get out all your supplies to whip up this one, keep in mind that you do need 60-inch fabric. The skirt is so full that you can use 44/45-inch options. This cotton was 52-inches wide and barely fit the pieces.

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