Me-Made-May 2015: week 3

mmmay15 week 3

This week I’ve worn me-made every day, and I’m loving it. I didn’t get a picture of Tuesday’s ensemble, but it involved my denim-look-a-like knit Manila leggings. Despite the still-moody temperatures the PNW has been offering, I’ve been wearing primarily skirts and dresses. My relationship with summer is iffy (I don’t do well with hot weather and no A/C), but I do really love the ease of dressing when you can just throw on a dress and call it good. I’m ready for that.

Saturday, May 16: The Colette Mabel skirt never disappoints. Ever. I find it can be as versatile as jeans! This is a Mabel in a charcoal ponte di roma with a RTW top from Target my aunt gave me eons ago. (Skirt blogged here.)

Sunday, May 17: This is another instance where I wore something to church and then decided to stay in it all day because it’s so dang comfortable. This is one of my favorite Colette Moneta dresses (of which I already have several). When I posted this photo to Instagram, I was actually getting ready to get comfy on my bed and read a book. And I just stayed in this dress for pure comfort. (Blogged here.)

Monday, May 18: Another Colette Mabel. This was my first Mabel I ever made, and I wear it frequently. I spent my afternoon mulling on what kind of treat to make for the premier party of The Bachelorette. (Though I didn’t end up going because Josh worked late. Alas. I ended up eating most of the vanilla bean confetti cookies–a la Joy the Baker–on my own.) (Blogged here.)

Wednesday, May 20: I pulled out my Plantain tee for another round, and I really love it. I wore this with another Mabel, in a light heather gray. Asher and I had a spontaneous ice cream date when Josh had to work another late night. A coping mechanism, I guess? (Skirt blogged here, tee unblogged but hopefully not for long.)

Today I’m sporting my first Marianne dress (though I’m certain there will be many). I’ve coveted this pattern for months and love the easy and chic style. And it’s perfect for the 17-week babe bump.



Only ten more days left of Me-Made-May! I’m loving the challenge, though not necessarily the multiple selfies posted to social media. (And seriously, whenever I try to use the word selfie in real conversation/writing, I feel like a dork. Let’s face it: selfie is a stupid word.)

Don’t forget that the first-ever edition of Notions, etc., the newsletter for The Creative Domestic, is coming out later today. If you’d like to sign up for it, you can enter your email in the sidebar or in the previous post! Whatever you’re doing for the three-day weekend, enjoy it and happy Memorial Day!

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