Me-Made-May 2015: week 2

mmmay15 week 2

Week 2 of Me-Made-May has been a success! Honestly, reaching for me-made garments is remarkably second-nature to me now. If you’d have asked me even a year ago if I’d have thought that I could supply the bulk of my everyday wardrobe with self-made items, I don’t know if I would have believed you.

Sunday, May 10: I was so excited to wear the Sewaholic Davie dress for Mother’s Day. I initially planned to wear the dress only for church in the morning but was so comfortable in it that I stayed in it through dinner! Despite the emotional ride I had making this one, I’m calling it a solid win. (Blogged here.)

Monday, May 11: I grabbed the Colette/Seamwork Oslo cardigan for my Monday errands, but then right before we were to head out the door, my potty-training trainee had a poop incident. And don’t ask me how the poop made it onto the sleeve of my cardigan, but it did. Poop is like that, I guess. So my Oslo went straight into the wash, and I grabbed a RTW sweater instead. C’est la vie. (Blogged here.)

Tuesday, May 12: Portland’s had a nice and rainy start to the week, so I pulled on my Sewaholic Renfrew for one more wear before the days are truly warm. I love this shirt more and more every time I wear it. (Blogged here.)

Wednesday, May 13: We have another appearance of the houndstooth Manila leggings at our library’s story time. These are TNT gold, I tell you. Gold. (Blogged here.)

You can follow my Me-Made-May progress on Instagram if you’re interested in more timely outfit updates. Happy weekend!

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