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I’m really excited today to let you in on an idea I’ve had since last fall: a newsletter to accompany this blog. Almost all of my favorite blogs send out a regular newsletter. When the email is from a writer I like and respect, I really enjoy those extra words sent straight to my inbox. So now I’m here to offer you some extra words and thoughts that may not fit into the blog or the editorial schedule. Think of the newsletter as an invitation to sit-down with a good drink and some dessert, an opportunity to get more real and personal than what I can communicate in the blog alone.

newsletter heading

The newsletter will come out every four to six weeks, so it won’t be anything that will clog your inbox or pile up in your to-read list. Here’s a preview of the first newsletter that will go out on Friday:

I’m the girl who loves a deep chat, the kind of talk that digs beyond small talk and finds root in real issues. That’s how I best connect with people. I’d love to have each of you over one-on-one and offer you a cup of cocoa or some fresh chocolate chip cookies, just so we could really get to know one another. While that exact scenario isn’t possible, that’s what I want this newsletter to be.

If you want to read the rest, submit the form below to receive the newsletter coming out on Friday, or fill out the form in the sidebar. (Also, don’t forget that you can sign up to receive each new blog post straight to your inbox by subscribing to post updates.) I’m so grateful to everyone who reads what I publish on this small space, and I’m excited to develop this new component of The Creative Domestic!

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