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Me-Made-May 2015: week 4

I’ve worn me-made all week long, and since Monday, I’ve been wearing exclusively skirts and dresses! That’s one of the things I love most about summer: easy dressing. The temperatures have been inching up toward into 80s this week, and for the Pacific Northwest, that is plenty warm, especially for this lady whose home isn’t air conditioned […]

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a birthday for my Berninas, plus how I found both of my machines for under $1000

A little over a year ago I faced a pricey reality with my sewing: If I wanted to sew the things I wanted to sew, I’d need a new machine. For a little over three years I’d been sewing on a little Singer Brilliance that Josh bought me for Christmas the first year we were […]

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the not-quite-a-maternity skirt

I feel like I’ve been in that awkward pregnancy phase of feeling-pregnant-but-not-quite-looking-pregnant for at least a month. My pants certainly don’t fit, and my waistline has definitely disappeared, but I can’t say that I have that defining bump that says, “Hey! I’m making a baby!” Instead the bump just stays silent and lets you assume that […]

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Me-Made-May 2015: week 3

This week I’ve worn me-made every day, and I’m loving it. I didn’t get a picture of Tuesday’s ensemble, but it involved my denim-look-a-like knit Manila leggings. Despite the still-moody temperatures the PNW has been offering, I’ve been wearing primarily skirts and dresses. My relationship with summer is iffy (I don’t do well with hot […]

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introducing Notions, etc.: The Creative Domestic newsletter!

I’m really excited today to let you in on an idea I’ve had since last fall: a newsletter to accompany this blog. Almost all of my favorite blogs send out a regular newsletter. When the email is from a writer I like and respect, I really enjoy those extra words sent straight to my inbox. […]

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