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Since learning about Babe #2, my sewing mentality has undergone a shift. I’ve started thinking even more in terms of what will be comfortable, cool, and stylish. My last pregnancy was also during the summer, and in many ways that makes dressing (and sewing) much easier. I need clothes that breathe, stretch, and–just as importantly–make me feel pretty.

I’m drawn to flowing dresses and feminine empire-waist tops. I like maternity clothes that show off the bump and would love to make a close-fitting knit dress. Also, leggings. I know I’ve been talking about leggings all year and have even documented my legging fails. But I think I’ve perfected the pattern and hope to show a couple of pairs off to you soon. The Manila leggings pattern from Seamwork is a typical close-fitting leggings pattern, though I’d also love to find and try out a looser stretchy pant variety, like in the picture above.

A flattering button-down is always good to have in your arsenal, especially to help shake up your typical maternity wardrobe. While I plan on sewing primarily with knits for the next six months, I’d love to throw in a good woven project or two.

As far as prints and colors go, I’m still digging the light tones, though pops of color never hurt anyone. If you check out any maternity section in Target, you’ll see a million stripes, so I’d also love to branch out from stripes and play around with florals and graphic prints. I’m excited to craft a personalized maternity wardrobe over the next several months. Next week I’ll share some of the patterns I’ve picked out for this pregnancy.

Have you ever tried maternity sewing? Any tips, wins, or fails you’d like to pass on to me?

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