Me-Made-May 2015


Last year was the first time I’d ever heard of Me-Made-May, and while I was smitten with the idea of committing an entire month to wearing as many handmade garments as possible, my handmade wardrobe simply couldn’t sustain such a lofty goal. So I decided to commit for 2015. And now, here we are, almost to May. And I’m pregnant, which creates a challenge within a challenge.

I am making a Me-Made-May pledge, though I will have to modify it. Because my midsection will be ever-growing, I know that I won’t have a large enough handmade wardrobe to make it all the way through May wearing something handmade (and unique) every single day. But I do have some projects on the docket that should be quick and easy. (Let’s face it–sewing with knits is just quicker!) Plus I have a few already existing garments that I can wear regardless of my expanding waistline.

So without further ado, I present my Me-Made-May 2015 pledge:

I, Charlotte of The Creative Domestic, pledge to wear at least three handmade garments a week throughout the month of May. Because of the growing person in my belly, I reserve the right to use repeats. I will document my Me-Made-May via blog post in a weekly update. I’ll also probably post some of my outfits on Instagram.

I’m looking forward to Me-Made-May and think that the added component of my growing bump will add an extra flair to the challenge! Will you be joining in Me-Made-May this year? Regardless of whether you want to participate or not, you should definitely follow along!

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