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5 indie patterns I’m dying to try

You know when you’re in a sewing rut, and you’re convinced that the remedy is to find new patterns and buy new fabric? Well, that’s me right now. I still haven’t done a stitch of sewing since getting back from Utah a week ago, and I’m itching for something different. So I thought I’d share […]

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hello, Friday

  {The view from the plane window as we parked at the gate back in Portland. My trip was just what I needed, and I was happy to come home to my sweet family.} This week blew right by me. I feel like I’ve spent all week catching up from my trip. I still have some […]

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the running-away tote

I ran away. Not for forever. But for a little bit. Last month I booked myself a ticket to see my sister and her family (which now includes a three-month-old babe!) I told my husband about my planned trip after I purchased the ticket, and he asked, “So, is Asher coming with you?” And I […]

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hello, Friday

Right now at this very moment I am in Utah visiting my sister and her family, and it’s glorious. I’m taking this trip sans toddler, so for the weekend I get to focus on being a sister and an aunt first. I’d tell you that I hope your weekend is as lovely as mine, but I don’t […]

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the I-need-a-win shirt

A couple of weeks ago was Potty Training Week. You know that. And currently my boy is back in a diaper. I’d like to think he’d have caught on to the potty skill were it not for a sudden and painful incoming molar and the surprise congestion that overtook us by Friday. I guess we’ll never […]

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