hello, Friday

I kicked off my week with a trip to Mill End here in Portland, and it was a delightful way to spend my Presidents’ Day. (Because you know, those of us not involved in schools or government hardly even know this holiday happens anymore.) Later that night I went through my stash tag system and cleared it out, adding my new purchases. I really should do a better job of keeping it updated–it fools me into thinking I’m more coordinated and put together than I am.


:: The spiritual discipline of Project Runway. I thought this post on one of my favorite blogs was fascinating.

:: Thoughts on the economics of blogging. My blog isn’t super established and it certainly doesn’t make me any money, but I did think these musings by Heather were interesting. Also, were this blog to turn into a side income venture, I wouldn’t say no.

:: The 3/4 circle skirt. While the calculations involved in this post go over my head in a first reading, I think I’d like to take on the 3/4 circle skirt sometime. I’ve also seen the 3/4 circle skirt pop up on Mary’s blog this week. So yes, I do need to make one, and probably soon.

My weekend should be pretty low-key, just the way I like it. I honestly have no idea what we’re going to do. I’ll probably sew a bit, watch a bit of TV, read some Jane Austen. I feel a little thrill when I realize that I don’t have any plans. Does that scream introvert or what?

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