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{The view from the plane window as we parked at the gate back in Portland. My trip was just what I needed, and I was happy to come home to my sweet family.}

This week blew right by me. I feel like I’ve spent all week catching up from my trip. I still have some laundry to wash (wait, I always have laundry to wash), and I’ve been baking All the Treats for various Valentine celebrations and dinner guests.

Speaking of Valentine’s Day, my mother-in-law volunteered her babysitting services for tonight. So Josh and I have a free evening out, but we haven’t yet decided what to do. Spend our time dressed up downtown? Or cuddle up in a movie theater? I really can’t decide. What are your weekend plans? Anything with your loves, romantic or otherwise?

:: Simple as cake. I love the message that to show love we don’t need to do something grand. Sometimes cake is enough. Or if you’re me, even a fountain drink is sufficient.

:: I’m positively smitten with the Carolyn pajamas from Closet Case Files. That voice in my head keeps saying, “Yes, Charlotte! You do deserve pretty pajamas!” And I think it may be right.

:: Having home decor that’s good enough. Sometimes the phrase “good enough” gets a bad rap.¬†But what I love about The Nester is that she sees her home as a medium that’s supposed to serve her. She’s not afraid to try things, to make mistakes, and to enjoy pretty-though-imperfect outcomes. (Read about how her book changed my whole outlook on basically everything, including sewing.)

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