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what I’m into {February}

:: When I went to visit my sister at the beginning of the month she introduced me to Jane the Virgin. I was dubious, but Emily convinced me to give it a go. Think Arrested Development meets a Spanish soap opera. It’s laugh-out-loud funny, and doesn’t make fun of religion or abstinence (like I’d expected from such a title). […]

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Creative Domestic – vintage: the birthday bag

Josh loves bags. You know, manly messenger bags, not froofy purse bags. Josh is also hard to buy for; he usually asks for gift cards because what he really wants is expensive technology stuff. Gift cards make it so he can save up for big things (like the next Microsoft tablet releasing this fall). But […]

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the deceptively fancy dessert

I have a few desserts that I keep in my back pocket for unexpected gatherings: brownies, banana chip bars, and for larger groups, sugar cookie bars. Everyone needs some quick, easy, and delicious treats to turn to in a pinch. Well, today I’m sharing one of the easiest, “fanciest” desserts I keep up my sleeve: Diet […]

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hello, Friday

I kicked off my week with a trip to Mill End here in Portland, and it was a delightful way to spend my Presidents’ Day. (Because you know, those of us not involved in schools or government hardly even know this holiday happens anymore.) Later that night I went through my stash tag system and […]

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the jet-plane cardigan

I dress for the airport very intentionally. I want to wear something comfortable and flexible. You know, something with layers so that you’re prepared for both the freezing air vents and the hot, stuffy air on the plane before the engines start up. You know what I mean. This cardigan is yet another Seamwork pattern: Oslo (from their […]

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