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This is the week when I hook back up with my sewing machine. I finished my Christmas sewing about a week before Christmas and proceeded to take a break from all normal-life projects. And that included sewing. Do you ever need a sewing break? It’s not that I was burned out exactly, but I needed the kind of vacation where you don’t do much of anything. That’s exactly what I had the last half of December, and now that it’s January, I’m itching to get back into my stitching groove.

Winter sewing is different. In fall I like to spring for deep colors and cozy statement pieces; after the holidays, my sewing is inspired by my own introverted need to hibernate. I need cozy and simple. January and I have a historically rocky relationship, and my sewing projects need to be simple, forgiving, and gratifying. This year I’m not looking to complete any big projects in the winter months. I’m inspired by simple silhouettes and light colors. I want my projects to be compatible with the coziest parts of winter: hot cocoa, good books, warm blankets, and BBC shows.

winter 2015 sewing inspiration


I have a few patterns in the queue ready to go. I’ve had the Sewaholic Renfrew shirt on my docket for a long time now, and I have a nice striped interlock ready to go for that one. I’m also excited to try out some of the new patterns from Seamwork, specifically the Manila leggings and the Oslo cardigan. As far as more nebulous sewing plans go, I’d love to sew a cozy, fitted sweatshirt. Does anyone know of a good pattern for something like that? I don’t have any plans to sew a tunic, but I like that loose and sophisticated silhouette. (Maybe I should try my luck at one of the Big Four pattern sales sometime this month? Unless you know of a nice tunic pattern? Maybe I could adapt the CP Laurel dress? So many questions.)

What’s inspiring your sewing this season? What are you comfortable in during these long, dark winter months?

PS I got some really darling patterns for Christmas that will be perfect for spring sewing. I’ll share those when I’m sick of my sweaters!

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