the quilted Christmas skirt (and a bonus sweater)

I’ve been meaning to get this skirt photographed and posted for a couple of weeks now. Currently my browser is acting bizarre, but I’m throwing all caution to the winds and writing this anyway (at the risk of losing it all to the cyber void).

Every year my siblings and I had Christmas outfits to wear to church the Sunday before Christmas. Sometimes Mom bought them, but most of the time she sewed them. I can still feel the excitement of waking up in the morning to see a freshly finished dress hanging in my closet, ready for twirling. I wanted a twirly skirt this year.


Remember when Gertie’s new book came out in the fall, and I’d slated this pretty gray and white plaid for the quilted skirt? I reallocated the gray and white plaid to the Dahlia dress (which I still need to blog, obviously). I was still, however, stuck on the idea of a quilted skirt. So I went into Christmas fabric shopping with that pattern in mind. This darling green polka dot cotton/linen blend is from Grey’s Fabric & Notions, and has a pretty drape even with its sturdy quality.

The pattern for this skirt is incredibly simple, with only two side seams, a waistband, and a lapped zipper. The easy construction made it so that I could focus on the quilting. I took a teal flannel and lined it up with the polka-dot shell. The instructions in Gertie’s book are very clear about how to mark the quilting lines: you mark your first line at a 45-degree angle to the bias and continue to mark lines one inch apart all across the lining. Then you do the same thing going the other direction. And then you do the same process on the other skirt piece. It took much time and marking and measuring, but it was more on the tedious end than the mind-breakingly difficult.


Once I got into the groove of the quilting, I enjoyed it. I kept my eye on the marked line and stitched. And stitched and stitched and stitched. The quilting probably took a few hours to complete, but from there the sewing was smooth sailing. When quilting the first skirt piece, I noticed that as I sewed, I would smudge the lines going the other direction, making it so I had to redo some of the chalk lines. So on the second piece, I marked the lines for one direction and the promptly quilted. Then I marked the lines for the other direction and quilted those. We have no time for redoing such tedious tasks as marking when it’s Christmas sewing season! I really love the outcome of this skirt and especially love how heavy and cozy it is. The flannel makes it so warm!


I also made the white sweater, trying another pattern from Gertie’s book. I tackled the pin-up sweater and made some adjustments: I lengthened the sleeves, widened the neckline, and instead of binding the neckline, turned it under and hemmed with a twin needle. The sweater is very simple, but versatile and perfect for this skirt. (I realized too late that this white sweater knit–which I found on one of my Denver shopping trips–is pretty sheer, so I have to wear a white layering tee underneath.)

christmas family

On Christmas Sunday I wore a red headband in my hair to be festive, and yes, where I’m standing makes it look like the wreath bow is actually on my head. Don’t be fooled! Isn’t Christmas just more fun when you feel pretty? I sure think so. This quilted skirt is up there with some of my favorite projects. And I have a few more projects to blog about before the month is out, including a big sewing project I undertook as a gift for my mother-in-law!

Do you like Christmas outfits, sewn or otherwise? (And let it be noted that while the photos took forever to upload, I did not lose any of this post to the void–huzzah!)

If you want your own copy of Gertie Sews Vintage Casual, click here!

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  1. Posted January 10, 2015 at 10:13 am | Permalink

    I have both of Gertie’s books but I’ve never sewn anything from them. I like what you did! Fun!

    • Charlotte
      Posted January 14, 2015 at 4:40 pm | Permalink

      I highly recommend Gertie’s patterns! Her vintage casual book is my favorite of the two, mainly because those styles are more adaptable to my day-to-day life. (Being a stay-at-home mom doesn’t lend itself to dress suits!)

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