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Happy New Year, dears! I took an unofficial holiday break, and it feels good to be back. I spent my holiday here in Oregon with family. We enjoyed movies and sugar cookies and Salt & Straw. When I would take Asher home to bed, I’d have a few hours by myself (Josh would stay to hang with his siblings). Those nights I made my way through the BBC Emma, Anne of Green Gables, and most of Anne of Avonlea.

Now that the end of the season is imminent, it’s time for resolutions, right? Yeah, yeah. I know that resolutions have a flip-floppy reputation, but I still like to pick a few flexible ones for the year. And now that I’ve had a solid break from our normal routine, I’m feeling ready to ease my way back into sewing and blogging. This year I’ve divvied up my goals into three categories: sewing, home improvement, and reading.


My sewing resolutions are specific enough to keep me inspired, but not so focused that I’ll lose my mind. The thing about sewing is that new patterns roll out all year long, and I can’t promise that what I want to sew for summer now will be what I want to sew for summer when it’s actually time to sew for summer. So I’m giving myself a whole bunch of wiggle room here.


Me-Made May I didn’t get to participate in this last year, simply because I didn’t have enough handmade garments to get me through the month. This year, though, I think I’ve got a shot. First, I have four whole months to make a solid supply of everyday staples, and second, I already have a good stash, thanks in no small part to the Colette Patterns knitwear line. So, come May, get ready.

Pants I really want to make myself a pair of pants this year. I won’t even specify a pattern, because I just don’t know yet. But pants will happen. And leggings don’t count. Though I do plan on making leggings. This month’s Seamwork comes with a pattern for leggings, for which I’ve already ordered fabric.

Quilt I started this darling houndstooth quilt in 2013 and haven’t even finished piecing it yet. I’d really, really like to wrap that one up in 2015.

Learn the embroidery module When I bought my Bernina (which is a whole story in and of itself) it was highly discounted, because the accompanying embroidery module was broken. Because I knew I’d be sewing primarily clothes, I wasn’t worried. But then my aunt reached out to me asking me if I wanted a spare Bernina Artista 180 embroidery module. So, obviously. That is a tool I’d really like to learn to use.

The Creative Domestic This is more of a sewing subtopic, I suppose. I have some specific goals for this space. I want to post on a more regular and predictable basis and incorporate some posts and thoughts that aren’t as sewing-specific, but more about thoughts and people and life. I’d like this space to be an amalgamation of sewing-talk and life-talk.


We own our little condo, and I really like fixing it up. (Remember the diamond wall from the summer?) I have a few projects that have been enticing me for a while, and here’s the thing about home improvement: If not now, when? Because the thing is that this home certainly isn’t our forever home, so improvements should be made now when we can enjoy them instead of right before selling. I love to love my spaces, and I plan to love on this home of mine a lot this year.


Paint the upstairs bathroom The full bathroom upstairs is two-toned, both colors being equally awful. It’s dark and depressing. I want to tackle this space with some light blue/aqua paint and see it transformed. This will hopefully happen soon.

Giant chalkboard I mulled for quite some time on what to put on my diamond wall. The pattern of the wall is so distinct that busy artwork would clash completely, and then I thought chalkboard. Statement chalkboards are expensive to buy pre-made, but rumor has it that Home Depot sells chalkboard MDF board. And if they don’t, I can always slather chalkboard paint on plain MDF board. So that’s the plan.

Whitewash fire place I am so excited about this one. I found this idea on Pinterest to white wash brick. It’s different from painting, because you’ll still be able to see the texture of the brick. But instead of being this 80s pink brick, it will be this 21-century light gray brick. Supposedly this should take only about 30 to 60 minutes of hands-on work, so I’m determined that this will be complete by the end of January.

Finish master bedroom Last summer when Josh was out of town I painted our bedroom. It was this depressing beige, and so I covered it all in a warm white/cream. And that’s about all I did. Our nightstands are bare wood, we have no real light fixtures besides a semi-ugly floor lamp, and curtains are nonexistent. I need to finish this space, and I need to finish it this year.

Redesign nursery Is it still a nursery when your child is almost two and a half? We did nothing to this room when we moved in, and the walls are disturbingly flesh colored. I’d really like to pull this space together so it’s something sweet, comforting, and inspiring.


I love to read, and I read all the time. No year would be complete without setting at least a couple of reading goals.


{via Modern Mrs. Darcy–if you’re needing a good book-nerd blog, look no further}

Read 45 books Last year I read over 50 books, and I set another reading challenge on Goodreads to tackle at least 45 books in 2015. We’ll see. I’m a very poor numerical goal setter: last year my original goal was 25 books, and then I surpassed that by June. So. Maybe this is the year that I fall woefully short? I hope not. (You can follow my Goodreads profile here.)

All of Jane Austen I’ve read four of Jane’s six novels, and this is the year to read them all. I’ll start with Mansfield Park and go from there. And perhaps after I finish each one I’ll have to watch the corresponding films. Because who can’t like Jane and her beautifully crafted heroines? I can’t wait to start.

What resolutions do you have this year, sewing or otherwise?


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