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I’ve been loving the sewing magazine SeamworkIts launch was back at the beginning of December, and the content is entirely free. For a small subscription fee, you get two new PDF patterns with each issue. These patterns are intended to be quick, 3-hours-or-less projects. January’s issue included a pattern for leggings that I love. I think they’re marvelous. I promptly ordered some ponte and whipped up a pair in a tribal print the day after my fabric arrived.


Alas. Despite the speedy construction (billed and confirmed as a one-hour project), this pattern will require some fiddling. The waistband barely comes up to my hips, and the crotch is several inches below where it should be. (And in my impatience to pump these out, I clearly missed the mark on my pattern matching.) Additionally, the leggings are so tight that they feel painted on. I thought it best to hop back to square one and start over with an entirely different size.


My results with a medium over a small weren’t much improved. The legs didn’t feel like compression stockings anymore, but the crotch was still woefully low. While I love the one-hour project idea, this particular pattern will require some significant tweaking. Specifically, I’ll need to lengthen the inseam by several inches and add some ease in the legs. I am an unabashed devotee to stretchy pants, but my legs do need some breathing room. I’m determined to make this pattern into the perfect one-hour project for me, but it may take some more trial and error to get us there.

Consider Project Stretchy Pants officially begun!

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  1. Amelia
    Posted February 5, 2015 at 1:36 pm | Permalink

    I had exactly the same fitting issues with this pattern! Would love to hear how you fixed it 🙂

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