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I have done literally no sewing all week. See, I made this week Potty Training Week for our resident toddler, and it has thrown us both for a loop. I can’t tell if we’re right next to a breakthrough, or closer to a breakdown. I’m trying to trust my gut on this, but can’t yet figure out what my gut thinks. Call it quits for a month? Or push through? In frank honesty, both Asher and myself have been in tears at various points throughout the week. For now, we’re holding strong and pushing through. (Though I can’t promise what tomorrow will bring.)


{Yesterday I had two different friends come to my door bearing treats. Hashtag lifesavers.}

Around the web

:: The Washington Post published a chart comparing the sexiness of various hobbies. Making your own clothes wasn’t the highest ranked hobby, but it definitely was up there, especially according to men’s opinions! Interestingly enough, women don’t think sewing is sexy nearly as much as men do. For the record, though, I think sewing is incredibly sexy. But I suppose I am a tad biased.

:: I bought the Ultimate DIY Bundle this week, and for $35 it’s chock-full of ebooks, ecourses, and bonus offers. Usually these types of package deals aren’t my thing, because I feel like I’m buying too much stuff. But this is one I’m standing behind, if only because one of the bonus offers is a free online course from Craftsy. I’m legitimately interested in a handful of the ebooks, and so that, plus the fact that the price of the whole bundle is less than the retail cost of one Craftsy class, had me sold. The bundle will be available for purchase only through next Monday, so if you want it, I’d grab it now. Like I said, I don’t usually go for these kind of things, but this one definitely floats my boat.

:: Thanks to my free Craftsy class, now I’m in the middle of a real creative conundrum: a slipcover class, or a bra-making class? Both will give me valuable skills, and I honestly cannot decide which one to take as my free course. I love the idea of making my own lingerie, because I’ve had quite a time of it trying to find the Perfect Post-Breastfeeding Bra. But then, slipcovers can be a beast if you make it up, and those skills would also be a lifetime boon. So far, the Facebook poll has come in favor of slipcovers, yet I can’t dismiss bra-making so handily. These posts by Sewaholic and the Closet Case Files have permanently piqued my interest in bra-making. What’s your vote: bras or slipcovers?

:: Did you know that tomorrow is official National Readathon Day? Really, it is! The idea is to read for four straight hours, from 12:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. in your local timezone, preferably somewhere public. You can even pledge and raise money to be donated to the National Book Foundation. I think this plan is fabulous, though I can’t commit to full participation this year. Maybe when I don’t have a little one needing care and attention, I’ll be able to go to a coffee house downtown and cozy up in an armchair for hours. I am, however, determined to dedicate some time to reading tomorrow. What are you reading? Will you participate in National Readathon Day?

My input docket

:: I’m back in a Downton Abbey kick. I’m keeping up with the current season on PBS and going back through old ones. I just finished the season 2 Christmas special. Isn’t it just wonderful? And all those period costumes are just beautiful. I’m actually gathering some sewing inspiration from those sophisticated looser profiles.

:: With potty training happening in full swing over here, I’ve spent cumulative hours this week reading to my boy while he sits on the potty. We’ve been cycling through the same four or five books, and he loves them. (I love them too, but not as much as he does. I could easily recite The Cat in the Hat Comes Back verbatim by now.) That brings me to the Read-Aloud Revivial podcast, the podcast that helps you build your family culture around books. I’ve been listening to this podcast for several months now, and I’m in love with their mission: read out loud to your children. I have fond memories of my parents reading to me as a child (and even as a young teenager!), and I hope to make my home one where books feature prominently in discussions and activities.


:: My mom had her sewing machine and serger serviced this week, and Kurt the Bernina Guy gave some world-shattering advice: don’t clean your machine with compressed air. I always thought that was such a tidy way to clear out your machine from lint, but apparently all compressed air does is blow the lint back into the motor. So. You’re better off using a small lint brush or a tiny vacuum attachment. Did you know about this? If so, you’re certainly ahead of me, and if not, consider this bullet point a public service.

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    I had an urge to watch Downton from the beginning again and just finished all the past seasons. The powder blue jacket with the velvet collar Mary wears in Season 2 is my fave. I want to sew one!
    Potty training is frustrating but you can do it!

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  • By the I-need-a-win shirt on February 2, 2015 at 7:34 am

    […] A couple of weeks ago was Potty Training Week. You know that. And currently my boy is back in a diaper. I’d like to think he’d have caught on to the potty skill were it not for a sudden and painful incoming molar and the surprise congestion that overtook us by Friday. I guess we’ll never know how that week might have gone, because the reality is that it was terrible. Really, really awful. On top of potty training, I had a molar of my own that broke in a freak bite of Frosted Flakes, necessitating a crown. And the week just kept going from there. So that Friday morning I gave up on potty training. And it felt good. (At least, for now.) […]

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