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So, gift cards. What is it with giving money, anyway? Gift cards can have a bad impression of being lazy and thoughtless, right? But here’s the thing: everyone loves spending money. And here’s the other thing: sewists love having money dedicated to their craft. I don’t have an unlimited amount of spending cash, and I’m probably not alone in that. So when someone gives me money that I have to spend at the fabric store, I’m over the moon. Gift card money is great, because you don’t have to account for it when you balance your bank account. (I call this shoppers’ math, and I should disclaim that my husband hates shoppers’ math and will assert that money is money is money. But I digress.)

Another perk of sewing gift cards is that you’re also giving your friend the experience of shopping, and trust me, shopping for fabric is delightful, especially when you have extra money to do so.

When you give a gift card to a sewist, here’s what you’re actually giving:

1. Money that has to be spent on sewing things, preferably supplies for selfish sewing (i.e. sewing for yourself, and not for others)

2. The experience of shopping for the sewing things, which for any seamstress is delightful

3. The actual act of sewing, which as this blog purports is cheaper and more enjoyable than therapy

4. The finished project, which ideally is something for the seamstress to wear-slash-use

If that’s not enough to convince you that gift cards are awesome, then I don’t know what is.

holiday guide_gift cards2 I love, I really do. They have sales all the time, and their return policy is great. You can return any order in any condition within 30 days of purchase. I really love that about them, because shopping for fabric online can get dicey sometimes.

MoodYes, the Mood from Project Runway Mood. I know. They have an online store and have an overwhelming selection of high-quality fashion fabrics. I just ordered from them for some Christmas sewing and can’t wait for my fabric to come. Their fabric cuts are extremely generous, which says to me that fabric lovers know what’s up.

Colette Patterns: You seriously didn’t think I could make it through this post and not mention my favorite pattern company, did you? I love the CP patterns and look forward to each new release. Having some banked CP cash would be delightful come their next pattern launch.

Grey’s Fabric and Notions: Grey’s is a fabric store on the East Coast that also has an online component. I ordered from them for the first time when I bought fabric for my Christmas outfit. They have a huge selection and quick shipping. You can’t go wrong with this one! (A side note, upon investigation, Grey’s doesn’t offer gift cards specific to their store, but that doesn’t have to stop you from giving a Visa card with a hearty recommendation to this shop. I was so pleased with my first order that I just couldn’t leave them out.)

Etsy: I’ve linked to Etsy before, but really this is a great place for gift cards, because you’re giving so many shopping options. I’ve never turned down an Etsy card!

And finally, shop local! Portland is full of local sewing and fabric shops that sell gift cards. The sewing community really is wonderful, and I like to support it whenever I can. As much as I love the companies I’ve highlighted in today’s gift guide, I also love shopping local. At least throw it on your list of gift card considerations, will you?

Where at all possible I tried to source directly to shops. Any links to Amazon products are through my affiliate links. I am receiving no compensation for any of my recommendations, and if you feel inclined to share this holiday guide, please do!

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