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2014 holiday guide2

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You can never go wrong with helping to supply the sewing space. Notions like needles, pins, and thread are pesky necessities that can take up a surprising amount of the sewing budget. For my birthday this year, my mom gave me a whole box of sewing notions, which included two sets of serger thread and several packages of machine needles. I was so excited. Remember, sewing enthusiasts love anything that enable their craft, even if it doesn’t look exciting to you.

1. Machine needles. Schmetz needles are the best quality needles out there, and they offer a wide array of types. If you can, find machine needles with a specialty: stretch, denim, overlock, and twin are all good choices.

2. Cute measuring tape. Sure, your seamstress friend may already have a measuring tape, but do they have an aqua one? You see my point. Cute sewing supplies are always a win. (At the time of drafting this post, the linked Etsy shop had a limited supply of these. Here’s a link to the general shop in case the colored measuring tapes are out.)

3. Retractable tape measure. I would love one these. A retractable tape measure is a great option when space is limited. Or it’s a great option if you like cute supplies. The picture here is from this Etsy shop, though you could search other shops if you don’t like what’s available here.

4. Serger thread. Again, this gift may appear boring. But trust me–it’s not. Serger thread can get expensive, especially when you need four cones to operate the machine. If you can, find a set in a fun color! (Also, Maxilock is the only acceptable brand. You want good quality thread, no exceptions.)

5. Clover seam ripper. Sewists know to keep the seam ripper handy, though I actually didn’t use a seam ripper until the beginning of this year. I didn’t like how they fit in my hand and preferred small embroidery scissors to pick out stitches. Enter, the Clover seam ripper. It’s easy to grip and handle, by far the best one I’ve used.

6. Silk pins. Every seamstress will have sewing pins, yes. But not every seamstress will have specialty sewing pins. These are silk pins from A Fashionable Stitch. They’re especially fine pins, perfect for manipulating that silk charmeuse. Chances are, she won’t have these.

7. Cupcake pincushion. Doesn’t this just make you happy? It’s both pretty and functional. And if you gave your sewing friend a felted cupcake pincushion and those silk pins? Winning.

8. Sew-in labels. Nothing will thrill your seamstress more than cute labels to sew into her projects. These are made by Sewaholic, and by clicking here you can see the other options they have!

Where at all possible I tried to source directly to shops. Any links to Amazon products are through my affiliate links. I am receiving no compensation for any of my recommendations, and if you feel inclined to share this holiday guide, please do!

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