Christmas around the house

Merry Christmas, everyone! I’ve been in the depths of Christmas sewing, and when I do surface to breathe, I usually end up watching Doctor Who with Josh instead of blogging. Or cleaning. I’ve also been loving on my Christmas decorations and listening to my favorite holiday tunes and eating all the peppermint-chocolate treats I can.




IMG_7428{Yellow frame, thrifted and painted :: white candlestick, thrifted :: red and white garlands, made with finger knitting :: MERRY banner, made at church activity for less than $5 :: white wreath, made from coffee filters :: Willow Tree Holy Family figurine, bought at Deseret Book :: JOY stand, bought at HomeGoods eons ago :: stockings, all bought at Target}

Christmas around here is certainly festive, but not over-the-top. I keep my decor limited to favorites and really have one impact corner. We don’t do real trees at this house, or I should say that don’t do real trees. Yes, that may be PNW blasphemy, but there you have it. I do fake trees all the way, and I’m grateful that my Oregon-native husband doesn’t mind. I got this tree at Target last year, and I love the shape, size, and the fact that it’s all pre-lit.



Asher’s favorite Christmas spot is a tie between the sparkly tree (obviously) and these snowflakes hanging in the dining area.


IMG_7433Years and years ago my aunt gave me a small set of these delicate, plastic snowflakes, and they remain some of my favorite pieces of winter decor. Last year I hung them by the back sliding door, but I think I like them better clustered around the light fixture. At least once a day Asher points up and says in awe, “Snowflakes! Pretty!”


IMG_7431Last week we had this big windstorm, and the next morning this coniferous tree bough was sitting on my back patio. So I shook it off, took it inside, and cut off all the little branches to put in that oh-so-useful silver chalice. The books are all Christmas ones–obviously.


My first married Christmas, I made this felt mistletoe, and every year I have to hang it somewhere where it can be useful. So here it is, and though you can’t see it, it’s smack-dab in the middle of the entryway into the family room. So you have to be kissed. It’s lovely.

How do you decorate for Christmas? If you’re looking for ideas and inspiration, check out the linkup at The Nester’s. I’ll be linking up this post and have really enjoyed looking through all the other links. I’ll be back briefly next week (probably) to show off my Christmas outfit, which will make its debut on Sunday!


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