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Christmas around the house

Merry Christmas, everyone! I’ve been in the depths of Christmas sewing, and when I do surface to breathe, I usually end up watching Doctor Who with Josh instead of blogging. Or cleaning. I’ve also been loving on my Christmas decorations and listening to my favorite holiday tunes and eating all the peppermint-chocolate treats I can.   {Yellow […]

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decking the halls with tartan

Many moons ago my uncle spent two years in Ireland and Scotland as a missionary, and when he came back he brought with him a cut of real Scottish tartan for my mother. She eventually made that into skirt and blazer (yes, a tartan blazer!), and many moons after that she asked me if I […]

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a pie redemption

My favorite pie in all the land is chocolate. If I had to pick one dessert to have for the rest of my life, it would certainly be chocolate cream. It’s a paradox, because cake is favorite dessert category, but when it’s down to the wire my loyalties lie with chocolate cream pie every time. […]

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giving money :: the holiday gift guide

So, gift cards. What is it with giving money, anyway? Gift cards can have a bad impression of being lazy and thoughtless, right? But here’s the thing: everyone loves spending money. And here’s the other thing: sewists love having money dedicated to their craft. I don’t have an unlimited amount of spending cash, and I’m probably not alone […]

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project in a box! :: the holiday gift guide

    One year for Christmas, my sister gave me a box full of fabric, embroidery hoops, and embroidery floss. She was in the trenches of college at the time and hadn’t been able to finish the projects she’d wanted to make, so she gave me all the supplies. Project in a Box! she called […]

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