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psst! I have a secret!

For all my American friends, I hope your Thanksgiving was lovely. And if you’re brave-slash-crazy enough to brave the Black Friday shopping, more power to you. (If you don’t celebrate American Thanksgiving, I hope your Thursday was also lovely, even if it was absent from rolls and gravy and pie!) I have a secret to […]

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an impromptu Thanksgiving post

I wasn’t planning on posting anything until tomorrow, but here we are. I’m spending Thanksgiving in Utah with my people, who now includes my two-week-old niece, and I don’t think she’s spent more than a few moments┬ánot being held. Our Thanksgiving dinner is a little modified this year, given that we’re not celebrating at my […]

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“why are you so dressed up?”

I’ve been answering this question basically my entire life: Why I am dressed up today. People expect me to say that I have an appointment, an interview, a presentation, a recital, an event. They’re usually surprised when I answer with, “Oh, I just felt like it!” {An impromptu self-portrait in sparkly slippers. Please delight in […]

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the anniversary dress

Last month Josh and I celebrated our fourth anniversary. If you asked him about it, he would crack some joke about four years feeling like forever, but really, he’s a softie and a romantic. Josh’s parents invited Asher over for a sleepover, and the two of us had grand plans for a night in downtown […]

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in the name of autumn

:: In the name of autumn I bought two doughnut pans,and I used them. Their maiden voyage was for a class party for my Sunday School class. I tested three different recipes: chocolate, brown butter, and apple spice. The brown butter was my certain favorite. I made more donuts for Halloween a week later, and […]

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