the rainy-October shirt

For all four Octobers that I’ve been living in Oregon, the weather has been exemplary: plenty of bright, crisp days that encourage a jacket and the park. This year–my fifth Oregon fall–October has been rainy. Really, really rainy. But here’s a not-so-secret-secret: I love it.


I need to defend my rain-love often, because how often do you hear someone say, “I love this 14th consecutive day of precipitation!” Almost never. Unless you talk to me. Because here’s the thing about rain: it’s nature giving me permission to get cozy and watch more Netflix, preferably with a loaf of pumpkin bread nearby.


Fall rain tells you to Wear the elbow patches! And the houndstooth! And the jewel-toned pants! And do it while reading a book! Yes, rain in October really does say all of those things. (It also says, Hey, those leaves are incredible! Even in the rain! So your camera-tripod-timer setup is going to focus on those instead of on your elbow patches–for every single picture.)


This houndstooth knit came from the Colorado Fabrics pre-cut bargain section, and when I saw it I first swooned and then snatched it. And I might have swooned several more times after that. Yes, that is houndstooth within houndstooth. Have you ever seen a more perfect autumn print!


The t-shirt pattern is the Plantain shirt from Deer & Doe. This pattern is actually free–free!–and so, so easy to sew up. The elbow patches are perfection, and the cut of the t-shirt is both loose and flattering.


I’ve worn this shirt several times since finishing it two weeks ago and plan to use this pattern again. Next time I might make the shoulders a little wider, because occasionally the neck pulls funny, but it’s nothing to prevent me from wearing this houndstooth shirt through all the rainy days until next June.

***Specs: I made the Deer & Doe Plantain shirt–which is a free download from their shop!–and made no alterations. I did make a muslin out of some bargain-bargain knit I had on hand to check the fit, since the sizing is different from American patterns. I sewed this up with a 38 in the neck and a 42 in the waist, grading from the arm seam down to the waist. The houndstooth fabric is a lightweight cotton/poly sweater knit, and the elbow patches are cream interlock I had lying around in scraps. I used my serger to sew the seams, but this could easily be made with a regular sewing machine. The book I’m reading is The Haunted Bookshop by Christopher Morley, and if you have any tips for self-timer shots on a DSLR that would help me actually be in focus, I’d greatly appreciate them!

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