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The past couple of weeks here in the PNW have been almost continuously rainy and stormy. Personally, I love this weather, though many of my friends hate it the same way I loathe summer heat. While I do have current projects to post about, the weather has made the photo end of this blog difficult. (But I do have some wonderful clothes to show you!) Today, in the name of rainy weather, I want to show you a jacket that I made for the Colette Patterns sewing contest last winter.



I was super excited about this contest, because the prize was a Bernina sewing machine–and those are the Cadillacs of sewing machines! I found the fabric at Colorado Fabrics on a trip to visit my family. I swiftly fell in love with graphic bird print.


I worked on this coat for several weeks, following along with the sewalong. I will admit to being highly confident in my submission. I was convinced that the bird print plus the orange accents was winning material. Plus I wanted that Bernina so badly.


And then there’s the hood! I had the stroke of inspiration to make it out of a knit fabric. I wanted a chunky cable knit and actually went searching for some extra-large sweaters at the thrift store to no avail. I ended up buying some cream interlock and then doubling up on it to make it thicker.



Despite my confidence, I did not win, and I will admit to feeling some disappointment. But here’s the thing: sewing isn’t about winning. (Unless you’re on Project Runway, in which case it’s everything.) But really, what I really love about the sewing community is the camaraderie. I loved looking through all the submissions, and I love how supportive sewing people are. And really, I came out of this contest with a coat that I love and wear, a coat that no one else has! Now that I’ve worn it around a bit I think I would do some things different as far as pattern alterations go, but I’m still happy with it.

So as the days fill with rain and leaves and wind, I’ll go out in my bird coat and live it up. Brightly colored outerwear can do that to you.

Have you ever entered a sewing contest? How did it turn out for you?

***Specs: The bird print is a home dec weight from Colorado Fabrics. The hood and fabric for the bias tape is from JoAnn, with the orange twill tape from and the toggles from an Etsy shop. I made no pattern alterations, though were I to sew it up again, I’d either use a smaller size or adjust the pattern. This is a small all-around, and isn’t designed to be a close-fitting jacket anyway. But this particular coat does look a little too big sometimes. Next time!



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  1. Carrie
    Posted October 28, 2014 at 4:06 pm | Permalink

    Oh!! I entered the same contest…because, hello! how I too wanted that Bernina!! Someday. Hopefully whoever won treasures it as much as we would have. However, yes, that was my first outerwear garment and I must say I didn’t have much confidence in something that advanced but I now have a fabulous coat that I made myself!!

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