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Creative Domestic – vintage: the triumphal skirt

Oh, readers. I actually did a lot of sewing-related stuff this week. But all of my projects were in the beginning phases, meaning they were basically unbloggable. I’ve traced and trimmed five patterns, and cut out five more. So this week is primed for actual stitching time. However, all this prep work means that I […]

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the revised fall sewing docket with plenty of italics

You know when your brain practically explodes from holding in so many creative ideas at once? That’s been me this week. My original fall sewing plan included some transitional pieces, some t-shirts, and some more knit skirts and dresses. Though, since Gretchen Hirsch’s new book, Gertie Sews Vintage Casual, came out, my docket has doubled in volume. I […]

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the input-output imbalance

Dearest readers, my input-output balance has been, well, unbalanced. I can usually maintain a pretty decent harmony between what I take in and what I produce, but the past week or two has been input-heavy. I’ve been reading books and binge-watching favorite television shows. I’ve been taking in a million fall sewing ideas but haven’t […]

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