my first creative love (aka, a blog hop)

The other day I opened my email to see a message from Andrea who blogs at Evolution of a Sewing Goddess. She nominated me to answer some blog hop questions, and I must say that I am flattered. I first stumbled on her blog back in the spring during the Colette Patterns Albion jacket contest/sewalong. I promptly fell head over heels for her vermilion wool coat and still covet it to this day. It’s gorgeous.

So, the blog hop questions. When I first opened Andrea’s email I thought that the questions would be typical sewing questions: how long have you been sewing, what’s your favorite thing to sew, what’s your favorite textile. But I was wrong, and I really love the questions posed because they have everything to do with my first creative love: writing.



Why do I write?

Oh, what a question. Writing is the way I best sort through myself. I’m not great at extemporaneous speaking or expression, but when I can sit quietly and start to write, everything comes in to sharper focus. Writing is my first creative love, and at the heart of myself, I’ll always be a writer. Yes, I’m a seamstress, and I love it. But I’m a writer first.

I’ve actually maintained a personal blog for over eight years now, and I really love that space. Last spring, however, I started to realize that I wanted to write about sewing more and more. All of a sudden that space didn’t have room for both run-of-the-mill lifestyle and sewing. So I launched The Creative Domestic as my sewing/writing space.


What am I working on?

Sewing-wise, I’m in the middle of my revised fall sewing docket. I have a new fall Mabel to hem this afternoon and a t-shirt to whip up before this weekend. Just like with books, I like having sewing projects waiting in the wings. Even if I never get to all my sewing ideas, I just like knowing they’re there.

On the writing front, I’m actually in the middle of a 31-day series on my personal blog. I’m joining up with The Nester’s challenge, and this year, I’m writing about contented living. I’m hoping next year to tackle a 31-day challenge on The Creative Domestic.

sewing shears

How does my blog differ from others in its genre?

The Creative Domestic is a relatively new space in the interwebs, so I’m not quite sure yet what will distinguish me from among the other sewing bloggers. I have three main goals with my posts:

  • I want my highlighted projects to tell a story. Every sewing project has its ups and downs and purposes, and I want to share that.
  • I want to be specific and technical when talking about the sewing process. I’m a mostly self-taught seamstress and greatly benefit from other bloggers’ technical know-how. One of the big reasons I devoted a new blog to sewing (apart from my personal one) is that I wanted to feel free to talk technical without alienating my audience.
  • I want to be real, authentic, and collaborative. The sewing community is a wonderful one, and I just want to be a part of it. I want to be honest in how I represent myself and my sewing. I want to be friends with others who share a love of textiles and sewing. It sure is a wonderful club to be a part of!

So I guess I’m not sure how these goals differentiate me from other sewing bloggers, because all my favorite blogs pretty much follow these same guideposts.

How does my writing process work?

I now approach each sewing project with the corresponding blog post in the back of my mind. I pay attention to hiccups in the sewing process and to tricks I stumble on. Like I said before, I try to find the story behind each garment. I go into the photo process with the story in mind. When I sit down at the computer, I turn off the music and TV shows and try to write that story. Sometimes I start all over, and sometimes the post comes out great on the first try.

I mull quite a bit on my writing, and because of that, will often go into the actual writing with a good idea of what to say and how to say it. I’m an edit-as-I-go brand of writer, which basically means that I won’t move on to the next piece until I’m mostly satisfied with what I’ve got. I always go back through and reread each post through several times before hitting “publish.” Pretty much everything I put out has gone through at least a couple of edits. (Though I can’t ever catch everything, so typos are inevitable!)

Paying it forward

I’m going to be bold here and nominate Devon from Miss Make for the blog hop. She teaches the Colette Patterns sewalongs and is my newest favorite sewing blogger. She’s just darling, so head to her space and see if she feels like answering these questions herself!


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  1. Andrea
    Posted October 18, 2014 at 6:03 pm | Permalink

    I love your answers! It’s such a nice feeling when you can combine two things you love. Looking forward to your makes!

  2. Posted October 19, 2014 at 4:07 pm | Permalink

    I can totally relate to the reasons you write. I hope there will always be room in the world for story tellers!

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